it’s hard not to look at you

Beacon Nine-Nine

there’s safety in numbers


why isn’t the rating system for fanfiction

  • They Don’t Bang
  • They Bang
  • They Bang and Its Detailed
  • They Bang and Its Kinky

then content warns.

Sometimes there’s other things that you wouldn’t think would be a good combination, end up turning out to be like a perfect combination. You know, like five people together, who nobody ever thought would be together…ever.


#this is actually really extra horrible if Stiles does in fact have ADD #because we have proof in the show that despite that he does really well in school #and he must try so fucking hard to keep his grades up and despite that he probably never feels good enough #and here one of his teachers is calling him stupid #but of course he doesn’t say anything he just internalizes it #fucking Harris man #he better be monster chow at some point #Teen Wolf


sometimes i just get really fucking angry because boyd died for no reason


i lied. im probably going to post stuff again after i finish following everyone aha


do i sleep or watch one more episode???


I have a new tumblr account now, aha, so I’m gonna change this one AGAIN back to teen wolf only. I’m going to follow everyone I’m following on here bc i love u

Jan 6 I’ll post on here again.


Teen Wolf BTS [x]